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RP Modz PH

RP Modz PH Apk (Latest Version) v1.7 Free Download For Android

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4.5 v1.7 240 MB

The most love gained game of this time is Mobile Legend Bang Bang. Everyone always prefers this game to play because of its amazing qualities. RP Modz PH is here to make your game more enjoyable and comfortable. With the help of this great app, you would be able to unfreeze all the desired tools.

Similarly, we all as players and gamers give priority to benefiting apps around us. We always choose well to take our battle for winning part but unfortunately, good hacks and tools are out of our reach. Basically, the premium features are that costly we are unable to effort them.

This app is one of the useful and convenient mods. This fantastic mod is packed with amazing features. This mod will help you in all aspects during battle. It will support you to obtain your demanding hero like Marksmen, Tank, and many other fastest and high-demanding heroes. Make sure devil Modz is also similar to this app.

Furthermore, with the assistance of this mod, you will get a chance to polish your gaming skills with the help of features that are included in this mod. With the aid of such kinds of items in the game will definitely do some magic in the battle and give you extra strength to fight even pro players.

This APK will never harm your game and account by the reason that it is the safest mod among others and it is accepted by all users. You can grab your hand on the game by conducting all the settings by yourself. Moreover, this app will allow you to gain all the features for free yes! Exactly free of cost everything.

About the features of RP Modz PH

Good features and characteristics of any app give it more value and strength. Likewise, it is brimful of many incredible features which are given below in detail.

Skins for Mobile legend:

The most demanding hacks and items in ML are Skins and costumes for different heroes. Usually, in a normal battle, we are given limited skins rest of the other skins are locked. To unlock them we need high stability to gain them or unlock them again it is very costly to get them.

So these features will be there for you to get your favorite skin for your hero and it will confirm your victory in the battle in just mints. With the help of RP Modz PH you will easily get almost 50 and above skins for Assasin and 30 plus skins for Marksman and 49+ skins for Tank and Mage.


One by one you will get to know amazing tricks and features. Emote is another best feature of the mod. This will give you extra energy in the game and boost up your playing skills. Here you can apply more than 12   emotes to run your game in a better way.

Resolve bugs:

We really don’t want any problem in our game but some issues and instabilities don’t let us play well. Now there is no need to worry because this automatic fixer is here. With help of this tool, you can fix any problem even during ML.

No advertisement:

During playing Mobile Legend Bang Bang some aids just start to begin and this is really very irritating. Can it be possible to get rid of such useless advertisements? By using this mod in your game can enjoy your game without any tension of aids.

Additional Features are as follow:

  • Applicable for all type of MLBB.
  • Free of cost.
  • No need any root licence.
  •  Secured and fastest tool.
  • Simple operating system.
  • Full of advanced and enhanced features.

How to get this app on your phone?

  • In the beginning just find out the link of APK file app.
  • After that tap on the link to download the android app.
  • It will take some time to download completely.
  • Just after the download click on the install button.
  • To run the app you need to do some more steps.
  • There you have to choose an image and set the pin code for your account.
  • When you will do all the formal steps then you will come to main menu.
  • Once all the formalities done you can inject your loved features in your game and enjoy it.


RP Modz PH is one of the great opportunities for Mobile legend Bang Bang players. This App is full of functional and beneficial features. If you are a beginner this would be a great start for you because this is very simple to use. This is a chance for you to play like a pro player with the help of this mod.